March Madness Transformation Program

Change your body in 20 days!!

Imagine getting a fit, strong, sexy body in just one month.

There’s no exercise program out there that can do that for you as quickly as what I’m going to share with you. This March, I’m inviting just a handful of people to train all month long with the most direct and effective workouts.

If you:

Are feeling fat;

Need to lose 10 pounds FAST!! (and keep it off);

Feel sluggish;

Need to look good for a wedding (or holiday);

Want to look better in your clothes ;

Are tired and need a change in your life;

Then this training program is right up your alley. I’m calling it the March Madness Transformation because it’s going to be a lot of work. If you’re ready to get a better, healthier body, you’ll be training with us 5 days a week, every week in March.

In one month you’re going to see some amazing results, that you never thought was possible, but always wished for.

Think of these workouts as personal training, but instead of a one-on-one situation, you’ll be working out with a few others. You’ll still get the personal attention of an expert trainer, and a great workout program to follow.

You probably know that personal training is an expensive luxury. If you wanted 20 personal training sessions it would cost you $1500!! I know you’re thinking that’s a lot of money. It is.

But this program won’t cost you that much. Not even half. NOT EVEN A THIRD!!! The March Madness Transformation program was created to be accessible to anyone that wants to look great this Spring.

“I’ve lost weight, lost inches and gained a ton of energy, and that’s without watching my diet at all. Looking forward to seeing even more results in the future.” - Joey Levy


“Thanks to this program I already lost over 30 pounds! I am so happy I joined!” - Joey Barsano

This program will absolutely get you in shape. As a matter of fact, each session is not just the normal 60 minute workout. All of our workouts are 75 minutes long! Now that would cost almost $2,000 in personal training.

We’re going to set the early bird registration to only $449. That’s like getting 18 hours of free personal training.

Early bird registration ends on February 29, (additional $100 for registering after) but don’t wait till then to sign up. Last November we sold out another unique program in just 2 days. All spots will be covered quickly, so register right now before you miss out.

To register, send an e-mail with your name and phone number to and we will contact you.


Nighttime Session: Sunday to Thursday at 8pm starting March 4

Where: 86 Louisa Street, Brooklyn, NY 11218

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“I signed up because sitting at my desk for 10 years had me out of shape. Now almost 3 months later I feel great and my twins love it when I hold them at the same time!” - Steve Madar

“I noticed some changes in my body, especially toned arms and abs. My sister in law even commented on my arms a few weeks ago, saying that they looked more toned than ever!” -Daniella Esses


How much weight can I expect to lose?

Between 8 and 15 pounds, possibly more. It depends on how much you have to lose. If you’re 100 pounds overweight, the pounds will come off quicker than someone who is only 10 or 15 pounds overweight. Your diet also has to be on target.

I’m a guy and not only do I want to lose some weight, but I want to tone and build my muscles too. Can this program do that for me?

Yes, your specific training will be fine-tuned to your goals.

I’m new to exercising and 5 days a week sounds like a lot. Can I really do this?

Yes, you can! While it is an intense program, because we are in a very small group, each person will be working at their own level. If you haven’t worked out in a while you’re going to get the greatest results. Your body is ripe to be molded!

When is the next time this program will be offered?

Not anytime soon, if ever. This is a one shot, 4 week program. There will probably be nothing else like it considering its daily training with 25% more time than a regular session at a ridiculously low price. Don’t pass up this program. Take advantage of it now.

What happens if I miss a workout? There are some days that I can’t make it on.

You’re expected to come every workout. Of course things come up and you’re likely to have an engagement or two in the month of March. Make this program your priority for this month only. Get to every workout that you can. There are no make-ups for missed workouts. You will still see results so don’t let a day or two off keep you from missing this opportunity.

To register, send an e-mail with your name and phone number to and we will contact you.

Remember, in a month from now you’ll either be the same person you are now, or you can be fitter, lighter, and in better shape than ever!

*testimonials are from the Sunrise Bootcamp Program. Results for March Madness Transformation are expected to be even better!