November Success Story

Posted: November 17th, 2011   |   Category: Blog

Working out in a gym lets me cave when I don’t want to work out.

Theres nobody there disciplining me and telling me what I need to do and when I need to keep going, which makes it easy to give up. I also wanted to try new methods of working out. My brother started doing bootcamp and then his wife joined him shortly after. He suggested I try it- he said it was a very intense workout and that i wouldn’t be able to move the next morning- challenge accepted.

I was hoping to lose weight primarily, and build my endurance. What I love about it, is that it’s never the same workout! Every day was different- and mixing it up kept me wanting to come back. It wasn’t boring or routine so I actually felt like I was working out productively. It also made me feel better and healthier.

I can honestly say I’ve never really seen real results until I started bootcamp. Not only did I lose weight, but my body was actually shaped for the first time. I lost weight in my face, and my stomach which is the hardest areas for me to lose weight. I also felt much stronger, and healthier- like I could run after the bus and not collapse afterwards.

I got a bunch of those “you’re so skinny!” “you’re a toothpick”!  but my favorite was “you look great!”

Sunrise Bootcamp changed the way I viewed working out forever. I now know that just doing treadmill every day may help you lose weight, but the exercises we did worked every part of my body-some parts i didn’t even know about until I woke up sore the next morning. I recommend bootcamp to anyone and everyone who feels like they are working hard and are not seeing results.

-Patti Serure

Patti lost over 10 pounds at Bootcamp in just over one month. She toned her body from head to toe and looked amazing on her wedding day. Patti is a professional make up artist working with brides, bridesmaids, fashion shows, talent shows, and student films. Check her out at Makeup By Patti.

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