Is Your Diet as Crazy as Charlie Sheen?

Posted: March 8th, 2011   |   Category: Blog

I’ve seen some crazy diets out there; the ice cream diet, Atkins, Hcg. Most of them are as whacked out as Charlie Sheen. Before he went off his rocker, Charlie Sheen was the highest paid TV actor. His success was admirable, as is the success of many bogus diets. You see might see some people lose weight on these things, but keep in mind that at some point they will go off the deep end at lose it all.

How do you know if your diet is as crazy as Charlie Sheen?

It thinks it’s better than everyone else.

There is no one ultimate diet. Different methods work for some and not for others.

You’re good one day, then bad the next.

Avoid diets that think in black and white. Instead, make small adjustments to your eating and never give up when you slip up.

It doesn’t need anyone else.

Anyone on a diet needs the support of those around them. Your spouse, friends and family will all play a part in your weight-loss success.

To really succeed with your diet, don’t get caught up with extremes. Eat sensibly, and make healthy changes. Remember, your ultimate goal is to be successful WITHOUT losing your mind.

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