Don’t Stress Out Your Weightloss

Posted: October 25th, 2010   |   Category: Blog

If you recently hit your weight loss goal or are on your way to it, how do you know that you can keep it off?

You may be doing the right things right now; eating right, exercising 5 days a week. Can you really keep going? Will you be able to hold out and not fall back into your bad habits that kept you fat? I bet you’ve seen many people lose weight, only to gain it all right back.

Look at professional athletes. One day they are dominating their field. They make winning look easy. But then, they just shut down. Suddenly all of their training doesn’t measure up to the competition.

Take Brett Favre right now. Yesterday he lost in the last 30 seconds of the football game. He could have made the winning touchdown in the last 20 seconds of the game, but he missed a pass that should have been the winning touchdown. After

years of experience, what suddenly brought him to his knees? What’s hurting his game right now, is all the media talk about his alleged sexual misconduct. Whether he’s guilty or innocent I don’t know. But, the man is playing one of the toughest sports but he’s too stressed and distracted to give it his all.

Now I know you’re completely capable of hitting your weight loss goal and keeping it there. But it can get very hard sometimes. All of life’s stress like work, carpool, money, etc can really take it’s toll on you. It’s going to affect the decisions you make, and there’s really nothing you can do about it. If you’re nervous about how you’re going to pay your car bill this month, how are you going to focus yourself on getting up early for a run? Or keeping to just one slice of cake at a birthday party?

What you’re going to have to do, is manage that stress. Deal with what’s bothering you and let it go. If it’s something that you can’t take care of immediately, then write down on a piece of paper how you will handle it. Write out all of the options you have to deal with what you have going on. Pick what you know will work best. Even if your options won’t be a complete solution, writing it down will take it off of your mind and leave you free and clear to focus on your fitness.

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  1. Annalee Beedoo SAYS:

    Brad, good to be reminded of this, keeps one’s feet on the ground. thanks. j

  2. StewieG SAYS:

    Great article but do you have any suggestions as to how to deal with my stress better. I have a special needs son. I work full time from home. My other half is always working and when not its like we only have time to fight about whats not being done around the house. Your thoughts would be welcome. Thanks :)

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